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Sew-In Magnet - 5/8"
By Annie

Sew-In Magnet - 5/8"

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These magnets will give your bag an invisible closure when sewn into the lining.  Each magnet is laminated in a high quality vinyl pouch to allow you to secure it inside your bag.

Set of two (two positives and two negatives) 5/8" sew-in magnetic snaps in a small reusable plastic case.  

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: ByAnnie’s sew-in magnets are packaged in sets with a positive piece (marked with a “+” in the corner of the vinyl sleeve) and a negative piece (marked with a “-” in the vinyl sleeve). There is marking (either a ByA logo or a dot) pressed into the metal on the back/wrong side of each piece. The front/right side of each magnet is flat (no markings).

For maximum strength, the magnets must be attached positive to negative with the right (flat) sides together. Carefully follow the pattern instructions to ensure that the magnets are attached properly, testing before final attachment.

To prolong wear, we recommend covering the magnets with interfacing and facings. Our patterns will include complete instructions for accomplishing these steps.

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